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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I measure a driveshaft?

A: You measure it from the tip of the splined tail shaft to the center to center of the u-joint on the differential yoke. Call and we can walk you through the measurement.

Q: Do I need to balance my driveshaft after I replace the u-joints?

A: Anytime u-joints are replaced, it throws the driveshaft out of round, which causes a vibration.

Q: If I’m missing a u-joint, how do I know which one goes on my driveshaft?

A: In this case, we would need a measurement of your rear differential yoke. The first measurement is between the tabs of the yoke or the transfer case. The second measurement is to get the u-joint cap size. To get this measurement, measure across where the u-joint sits. Call and we might be able to look up the u-joint by application

Q: Do I need to change my u-joint if I changed my differential yoke?

A: Yes. If you changed the differential yoke, there could be a chance that the new differential yoke will not fit in the u-joint that is in the driveshaft.

Q: Is a greasable u-joint better than a non-greasable u-joint?

A: Yes. A greasable u-joint will last longer because the u-joint can be greased.

Q: What can cause my driveshaft to vibrate?

A: There are many reasons that a driveshaft can vibrate:

  • Something off the road could hit the driveshaft, causing it to be out of balance.
  • The u-joints could have lost their grease, causing metal-on-metal grinding, which will in turn make the driveshaft vibrate.
  • A weight on the driveshaft could have fallen off, leaving the driveshaft unbalanced.
  • The list goes on, but if you do have driveshaft vibrations…bring it in and we will tell you why your driveshaft is vibrating. Free estimate.

Q: All my driveshaft needs is u-joints and to be balanced. How long will that take?

A: If all a driveshaft needs is u-joints and to be balanced, and you bring it in the morning, we can have it done mid-afternoon that same day, in most cases.

Q: I’m missing the hardware for my driveshaft. Do you carry any hardware?

A: We carry Spicer strap kits and u-bolts for all makes and models. We also carry OEM hardware.

Q: Can you tell me what to look for on my driveshaft to see if it might be bad before I take it off?

A: With the driveshaft still in the vehicle, check if there is any movement within the u-joints, and check for dents. Make sure the vehicle is in neutral and blocks are put under the tires before checking the driveshaft.

Q: I hear a clicking noise that sounds like it’s coming from my driveshaft. What could be clicking?

A: The most common clicking comes from a u-joint that no longer has grease in it. This means that the u-joint is rubbing with metal-on-metal without lubrication. If this is not fixed right away, the u-joint can eat its way through the weld yoke that the u-joint sits in and eventually make the driveshaft fall out of the vehicle. This can also happen with the CV kit on front driveshafts, if not lubricated.

Q: How do I know if the driveshaft is making noise and not the transfer case?

A: Out of the two, the driveshaft is the easiest and cheapest to fix. We can test the driveshaft before the transfer case is worked on.

Q: Someone told me that my driveshaft is twisted. How can I tell?

A: If the driveshaft is twisted, the weld yokes will not line up (the weld yokes are the place where the u-joints sit in.) If the weld yokes do not line up and the driveshaft is twisted, there will be a bad vibration.

Q: My driveshaft fell out while I was driving. What makes that happen?

A: The driveshaft could be too short…or under a load, it pulled the driveshaft back, making it too short. Another reason is that the u-joints failed, breaking either the weld yoke or the differential yoke.


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