Flywheel Resurfacing

The flywheel is an integral component of any automotive device. Flywheel-ResurfacingThis mechanical gadget is responsible for various key functions in an automobile. For instance, they claim responsibility for the provision of continuous energy in your vehicle. It also ensures that the orientation system is at par. The mechanical device is also responsible for the delivery of energy at fast rates. Due to these immense responsibilities, this spare part is expected to be prone to wear and tear.

This is why resurfacing is necessary; to prevent it from affecting other devices in your automobile. The perfect time to resurface the flywheel is before the installation of the clutch. This is necessary to prevent immediate damage to the latter. Damages would usually manifest themselves in the form of vibrations and chatter. There are certain signs that would warrant the need for resurfacing.

Such signs include hard spots that have discolorations, warping and an uneven texture. As concerns warping, there are some levels that would warrant your immediate attention. To ascertain this, you can use the feeler gauge to measure the extent of warping. Resurfacing would be an imminent solution when the warp-age spans over 0.002 inches of the flywheel diameter.

How To Resurface The Flywheel

The resurfacing process encompasses two techniques, namely grinding and cutting. The latter method involves the use of brake lathes. This is a process that requires astute planning and care to ensure it works out to perfection. Setting up the rotational device on the lathe normally takes time.

On the other hand, grinding encompasses the use of a grinding machine that consists of a block and head. Alternatively, you can resurface this device using a flywheel grinder. Its overhead stone rotates the device during the grinding process. Resurfacind-FlywheelThis produces a flat, smooth feel, which removes a small amount of metal. This is unlike the cutting process where there is always the possibility of removing a lot of metal. The grinding process usually takes a maximum of four minutes.

Other Important Parts

As you resurface, do not forget other tidbits related to the clutch. You must invest in other parts like the disk, release bearings and pressure plates. You could even replace the bushing or pilot bearing if necessary. These parts are integral to the longevity of your clutch system. Also, replacing these parts will not make the resurfacing process a waste of time.

There are many auto dealers that specialize in the resurfacing of these devices. The problem with this scenario is that some of them are not up to consumer standards. Rocky Mountain Driveline has set itself apart from this undesirable trend. The Denver-based automobile spare parts company is a leading provider of resurfacing services in America.

All of its products are American Made and guarantee unrivaled quality and effectiveness. With Rocky Mountain Driveline, you are always sure to reach us in cases of emergency. This is thanks to our long hours and Saturday work days. Before you enlist our services, we will give you a free estimate of the whole resurfacing process.

Your clutch is the cornerstone of your vehicle’s performance. Its effectiveness will depend on how well you look after the flywheel. You can look to Rocky Mountain Driveline as a dependable partner.

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