How Do I Know If My Rack & Pinion Is Bad?

You can tell something is wrong with your car when you drive, but how can you tell if it is a rack & pinion problem?

Find a straight and level road with little or no traffic to safely run a few driving tests such as:Installed-Rack-and-Pinion-Chevy

  • When driving straight ahead, can you let go of the wheel without the car drifting off-course? Many refer to this a “pull,” as in “It pulls to the right or left.”
  • When you make a turn, will the steering wheel return by itself to normal position or must you manually straighten the direction? This is sometimes called “sticky steering.”
  • Is there a looseness in the “feel” of the steering wheel? Does it seem that you must turn the wheel too far before the car responds?
  • When driving straight ahead, does it take conscious effort to keep your car driving straight?
  • Does the wheel feel unusually stiff? If power steering fluid is leaking, you may be manually turning the wheel without the power assist.
  • Are you hearing new noises in your car as you drive? Tiny squeals could be a simple slipping belt, but squeals, knocks and hisses should be investigated and scheduled for repair.
  • Do your tires show signs of uneven wear?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to most of these questions, your car needs to be checked by a qualified mechanic for a rack & pinion problem. Repair should be done as soon as possible. Your ability to steer accurately in an emergency is critical to safety. Rocky Mountain Driveline offers expert services for rack & pinion rebuilds.

Rack & Pinion units can be broken, but they can wear out too. The gears are constantly engaged while steering and the wear and tear on metal leads to loose fittings. Bushings and bearings wear out which allows more slippage and looser engagement. Power steering may begin to loose fluid through leaks. Once these problems begin to surface, they may worsen quickly. Rack & pinions may be replaced or rebuilt with comparable safety.

Rocky Mountain Driveline’s experienced technicians rebuild rack & pinions as part of our quality service. You should also have an alignment afterwards for longer tire life and tire safety.

Rocky Mountain Driveline prides ourselves on our reputation for quality work and customer service. Our products are guaranteed and our pricing is easy on your wallet. Don’t let a bad rack & pinion problem ruin your vehicle. For a free estimate, call or stop by today!

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