Rack and Pinion Rebuilds

Your car’s rack & pinion steering system is your link to the road, providing safe, responsive handling and that road-hugging feel car enthusiasts love when it functions properly. However, as the miles build on your car’s steering system, you may find that it’s time for a rack & pinion rebuild to preserve your vehicle’s ability to perform safely for you and your family. rack-and-pinionWhen that time comes, bring your car into the Denver area’s premier auto care affilaite at Rocky Mountain Driveline.

Rack & pinion steering is a very basic technology that has been tried and true since the very first automobiles. Consisting of a toothed rack which slides side to side and a toothed pinion gear which rotates, rack & pinion steering takes advantage of the simplicity inherent with just a few moving parts. Its simplicity makes rack & pinion systems very reliable. Degradations, however, like stripped gears or loss of lubrication do occur as a result of continued use.

Rough or noisy wheel response can be a symptom of a system in need of repair. The consequences of ignoring an ailing system can be very serious. A misalignment or irregularity can lead to a loss of vehicle control. It is important to listen for problems and have your car’s symptoms diagnosed by a qualified mechanic who can repair your vehicle as needed to steer clear of a dangerous situation on the road.


Your car’s steering should feel smooth and fluid at all times. Any strange noises, resistance or vibrations are not normal and should be looked at by an expert, certified mechanic. Of all the systems in your car, those which allow you to steer and stop your vehicle are perhaps the most vital to safe operation.

A rack & pinion rebuild performed by our specialists at Rocky Mountain Driveline is just what your vehicle needs when it’s time to smooth out that steering system.

Rocky Mountain Driveline is the best choice in car care, rebuilds and maintenance for Denver area drivers because we’ve been serving the Denver area with top-notch service for over 35 years. Many repairs can be completed without buying an expensive new part because our team of expert technicians are highly qualified to rebuild, refinish and refurbish durable parts on your car like flywheels, bearings and rack & pinion steering systems.

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