Signs Your Driveshaft Is Failing

Jeep-Front-DriveshaftThe driveshaft is an important element of your vehicle that rotates and delivers power to the engine and gears that turns the wheels of the automobile. In addition, it creates torque that makes the car go. It also stops the vehicle. A car cannot function without its driveshaft.

Generally, they do not break down all at one time. It’ll begin to wear and tear over time. Fortunately, there are signs that indicate there is trouble. One of the most common symptoms is vibration. The entire car or parts of the car may begin to shake. The floorboard is one of the common areas where trembling or vibrations may be felt.

Another common sign of trouble are squeaking sounds that get louder when the speed is increased. The sound may go away when the vehicle is going fast and may come back when the car slows down or comes to a stop. If this occurs, it could mean that the U-joint, which is connected to the drive shaft, is damaged.

Turning issues can also be an indication of a problem. If the car’s wheels are not turning properly or resist when the car is turning the corner, most likely it is a sign that the drive shaft needs repair. DriveshaftAnother sign of possible trouble is difficulty turning the wheels when parking in tight or close spaces.

Driving an automobile with a defective or damaged driveshaft is potentially dangerous. If there is any sign of trouble, the car should be taken in to a certified mechanic for immediate inspection for repair or replacement. Replacing or repairing a drive shaft can be very expensive. If the problems are detected early and dealt with in a timely matter, however, the cost for repair or replacement may be significantly lower.

It is highly advised to be on the lookout for any of these and other signs of trouble to keep your vehicle in top running condition. For those in the Denver area, visit Rocky Mountain Driveline for the best service in town!

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