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order-nowRemanufacturing is a money saving tool that also helps our environment.

Rocky Mountain Driveline a division of Driveshaft International has over 35 years of experience in remanufacturing driveshafts. The combination of both companies gives an advantage adding more experience and technology providing a better quality driveshaft. Our remanufacturing procedure includes:

  • OEM level quality
  • Driveshaft International only uses the best quality OE parts, so you can expect our driveshafts to meet or exceed OE standard
  • Reduces costs of building a new driveshaft
  • Remanufacturing capabilities in North America

Driveshaft International is the only source for your manufacturing or remanufacturing driveshaft needs. Our fast turnaround process will get your driveshaft back in the time frame that you are looking for.

Driveshaft International also stocks aluminum driveshafts for many makes and models.  We can custom build your aluminum driveshaft. Please call us for pricing!


 Some of the Industries We Supply




Driveshaft International offers agriculture custom driveshafts designed to meet the demanding needs of agriculture equipment. When working on agriculture equipment sometimes the hardest part is finding the right parts. Driveshaft International buys direct to get any part needed to build or fix agriculture driveshafts.




Driveshaft International understands the high pace world of construction and getting equipment running to full potential. Driveshaft International always keeps a large inventory of heavy duty Spicer parts so when an unexpected driveshaft breaks Driveshaft International can build a driveshaft quickly without sourcing parts.



specialty-driveshaftsSpecialty Trucks:

Driveshaft International offers several ways to manufacture a stronger driveshaft for specialty trucks. By increasing the tube diameter to a thinker tube wall or changing the driveshaft into a constant velocity accepting driveshaft. Drive International will get the right type of driveshaft made for specialty trucks.





If a driveshaft needs to be shorten, lengthened or a new driveshaft needs to be built Driveshaft International is the right company for semi driveshafts. Since Driveshaft International has large inventory of driveshaft parts and employees building a semi driveshaft is a quick turnaround to make sure the semi gets back on the road quickly.





Driveshaft International has the most Jeep driveshafts in stock from front driveshafts to rear driveshafts, Driveshaft International has the right Jeep driveshaft in stock. Driveshaft International can make high travel driveshafts for rock crawlers, lengthen driveshafts for lift kits and manufacture driveshafts for the old military jeeps. If there is a problem with a Jeep driveshaft Driveshaft International can fix or manufacture any type of Jeep driveshaft.





Driveshaft International provides customs driveshafts to fit the ongoing needs of transit vehicles.





stock-trucks-vehicle-driveshaftsStock Vehicles:

Driveshaft International keeps a large inventory of stock driveshafts for domestic and foreign vehicles. With only a few measurements Driveshaft International will have an OEM driveshaft in stock.




hot-rods-driveshaftsHot Rods:

Driveshaft International has years of experience with hot rod driveshafts. If you change the transmission or differential or are looking for a conversion driveshaft, Driveshaft International will take care of any driveshaft needs for hot rods.





Driveshaft International will build high performance driveshafts for industrial PTO driveshafts.






Driveshaft International is capable of building any type of driveshaft for military vehicles. When a large quantity is bought by the government there will be a price break.



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