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A Guide Towards Great Handling

Installing a new or rebuilt Rack & Pinion system in your car can easily breath new life back into the vehicle. Precise and smooth control of the wheel can be the central part of the driving experience which determines comfort … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting Rack & Pinion Steering

It is very important to know if something is off with your car before you drive it. After all, you just want a safe and accident free ride. With regard to a rack & pinion steering, it is necessary that … Continue reading

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CV Axles and Why They Are Important To You

What is a CV axle? CV stands for constant velocity, in this case the constant velocity joint. Obviously this is an important part of any moving vehicle. The axle connects to the wheels with a flexible joiner allowing the wheel … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting Your Power Steering Pump

How does it work? The pump itself draws in fluid from a return line and pressurizes it. This system has to make enough pressure to turn the wheels at idle, requiring a valve to control pressure when the engine is … Continue reading

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Transfer Cases and Their Function

The transfer case is used in both 4wheel and all wheel drive vehicles. It is attached to the rear of the transmission and receives power directly from the transmission. If the driver selects 4wheel drive mode, the transfer case (using … Continue reading

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How Differentials Work

An automotive differential is a set of gears placed in the driveline which splits engine power to the axles allowing the right and left tires to turn at different speeds. This is necessary because as a vehicle makes a right … Continue reading

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Rack and Pinion Rebuilds

Your car’s rack & pinion steering system is your link to the road, providing safe, responsive handling and that road-hugging feel car enthusiasts love when it functions properly. However, as the miles build on your car’s steering system, you may … Continue reading

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