Why Driveshaft & CV Axle Balance Matters

cv-axle-driveshaft-balancerSafety and performance, of course! An unbalanced Driveshaft or CV Axle could fail causing catastrophic results. As your speed increases, so will your vibrations.

This increase is exponential in force as your RPMs rise. Essentially, when your RPM is doubled, there is a 4 fold increase in force on the Driveshaft. Triple it and see a 9 fold increase… and so on. Rocky Mountain Driveline uses the Axiline Balancer. Axiline specializes in Driveline equipment. Our balancer spins at 3500 RPM to best simulate actual driving speeds.

A balanced Driveshaft is paramount to your vehicle’s performance. As you replace U-Joint, you will need to have the Driveshaft balanced. Slight variations in the manufacturing of U-Joints have the potential to throw off the driveshaft compensation creating the unbalanced effect.

At Rocky Mountain Driveline, we understand safety & performance go hand in hand. Let our experts service all of your driveshaft balancing needs.

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